Inserts are very important for the absorbance of cloth diapers. Understanding the use of inserts is essential in ensuring a successful cloth experience without any leaks.

Inserts can be used in Pockets, flats, prefolds and fitteds to add extra absorbency.

Inserts are the only part of the diaper that absorbs moister, so adding a second insert effectively doubles how much moister the nappy can hold. The older the child the more absorbent the insert should be. That is why we recommend that you take 2 inserts per nappy (pockets can hold up to 3 inserts).

Microfiber is a very good insert for new-born babies until the baby gets more mobile. Microfiber should not be placed directly against the baby’s skin.

Bamboo absorbs very quickly and is better at holding moisture. This can be used throughout the use of cloth diapers.

Hemp inserts must always be used with fast-absorbing inserts as it absorbs slower than microfiber/bamboo but absorb A LOT more and is much better at holding moisture. Hemp inserts must be washed a few times before its full potential of holding moisture can be reached.

We suggest you start with 1 microfiber (can be replaced with bamboo insert as this will be used later on where microfiber will not) and 1 bamboo insert for the first 9-10 months. As your baby gets older the moisture increases and you will need a better absorbency. It is now recommended that you combine 1 bamboo and 1 hemp insert together in the pocket. As the baby gets older you can add 1 more hemp insert.

Very important is that the insert that absorbs the fastest must be closest to the baby’s bum

Microfiber will be placed first – not directly in contact with the baby’s skin,

Then bamboo – that can be placed directly against the skin

Hemp must be placed furthest away

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