Liners are the layer of material you add to your cloth nappy to make solid waste clean-up easier and protect your nappy from stains.

Liners is different from inserts as liners is a thin piece of fabric not meant to absorb any liquids like inserts. At a-Toosh-a-Licious we offer our clients two different options for liners;

Disposable bamboo liners and Re-usable fleece liners.

The Disposable bamboo is thin fabric-like mesh that you place between the nappy and the baby’s bum to catch the solid waste and protect your nappy from baby creams. One roll has a 100 sheets. One sheet covers the top of the inside layer and can simply be thrown away after use.

Re-usable Fleece liners can be rinsed off in the toilet or with a bidet when soiled, placed it along with the nappies in the wash. This liner feels dryer against babies bum as moisture is being sucked through the absorbent layers beneath.