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Cloth Nappies

Washing of your Cloth Nappies:

Easy steps to wash your cloth nappies:

Please pre-wash your new cloth nappies before use.

Your baby’s Cloth nappies should be changed every 2.5-3.5 hours for hygiene and prevention of leaks. Cloth nappies should not be washed with other clothes.


Rinse the solids on the fleece liners into the toilet, you can also install a Bidet sprayer or use the shower head of your bath to remove most of the solids before washing the cloth. If your baby’s poo is water-soluble (exclusively breastfeeding moms) the nappy can go straight into the machine without needing to rinse it out first. Disposable bamboo liners can be thrown away.


Store your nappies before wash day in a dry open container – DO NOT SOAK the nappies.



First remove all the loose inserts of your nappy. 

Pre-rinse your nappies without any detergents on a short cold cycle either by hand or in your washing machine, this will help getting the urine out of the cloth. Load the machine no more than ¾ full.



Use the Cotton/Fuzzy wash cycle for a nice long wash for nappies to rub against each other long enough to get clean. You can use any regular detergent or liquid detergent that does not contain softener. Follow the full recommended dosage of detergent. DO NOT ADD SOFTENER, this includes washing powders that are 2in1.

Heat can damage the waterproof lining of the cloth nappy therefore the maximum temperature restriction on our nappies is 35 degrees.



A short Post –rinse cycle will ensure your cloth nappies is left with no detergents.


Dry nappies.

Dry your nappies by hanging them up on a clothes horse inside the house or out of the sun.

Inserts will take longer to dry than the nappy cover as they are denser. You can put a fan on the nappies helping them to dry faster. Inserts can be dried in a tumble dryer on low that will make them feel nice and soft, but works out expensive and also shortens their lifespan. Empty the filter of the dryer regularly of all the fluff, that fluff is lost fabric fibres and therefore absorbency. You could give your inserts no more than 10 minutes in the tumble dryer and then finish them off by hanging them on the clothes horse. Tumble drying of any waterproof PUL covers which includes AIO and pockets should be avoided.

Pockets and AIO nappies can be left in sunlight to remove stains as the sun is a natural bleach. Do not leave your nappy covers with the colour/print side up in direct sunlight the colour/print should be facing away from the sun.

Please note that the absorbency of bamboo and hemp fabrics generally increase after a few washes and can release a bit of fluff.

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