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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need between 20-30 nappies. This will give you enough to use and wash every 2-3 days.

It is advisable to change a nappy every 2.5-3.5 hours as needed.

This refers to one size fits most. Usually for babies from 4.5kg to 16kg.

You can insert 2/3 inserts (microfibre, bamboo blend or hemp) into these pockets in various combinations as per your baby’s needs. For babies up to about 6 months you can use a combination of microfibre and bamboo blend inserts. For older babies you can use a bamboo blend and hemp combination. We always recommend that you buy hemp and bamboo blend from the beginning so that you only have to buy it once. If you choose to use microfibre, you will need to buy hemp inserts at a later stage to replace the microfibre. When washing the pocket nappy, one must remove the inserts and wash everything. The poo should be flushed down the toilet when you change the baby’s nappy so that none gets into the washing machine.

Yes, these nappies are designed for newborns and will be a better fit to eliminate leaks.

In general, you will need two bags. This way you will have one clean bag if one is being washed.
  1. It saves you money
  2. Can be used on more than one child
  3. You can resell it after use
  4. It keeps thousands of disposable nappies out of our landfills
  5. No more nappy rash
  6. You get great designs and prints
Cloth nappy leaks are the exception. If your cloth nappy leaks, there is always a cause. You may not have enough absorbency in your nappy, you may have a fit issue or you may need to change your baby more often.