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Training Pants


Is your child ready for potty training? At a-Toosh-a-Licious we have the solution for you with our specially designed training pants to assist in the process of transition as your toddler attains bladder control by experiencing the sensation of “feeling wet”. Great prints available too!

Cloth training pants is in the form of a “pull-up” and feels like underwear but feature layers of fabric to catch wetness after and draws moisture away from the skin.

The benefits of using a-Toosh-a-Licious reusable cloth training pants is that it is cost-effective and they are made of natural fibre so that your baby can feel when they had an accident.

Our training pants are made up of one layer waterproof outer shell, 2 layers microfibre and 1 layer bamboo.  They are designed for toddlers between 10kg– 15kg.

The size is adjustable.

Liners can be inserted to make the clean-up process a bit less tedious.

Please use the same washing instructions as with all our cloth nappies.

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