Cloth Wipes

You have an option of either just buying our wipes or you can buy our premium pack that was specially put together for a-Toosh-a-Licious babies. Our premium pack includes our essential oil etc.


For 12 Wipes, use a cup of water to full the “Fresh Wipes” container, use 1 drop of the gentle baby essential oil (Blend of Lavender,neroli,ylang ylang, made especially for a-Toosh-a-Licious by Hadassah oils) in the water. Place your soft cloth baby wipes into the container and turn the pile of wipes over a couple of times. Once they have soaked up all the water, you can tip the container and let out any excess water. They are now ready to be used.

Gentle baby essential oil:

This blend of Pure A-grade essential oils contains Lavender,Neroli,Rose geranium and Ylang-Ylang in a organic grape seed carrier oil. Use one drop with your baby wipes… Can be used on bum and face , make sure the oil is well mixed in the water before using wipe. This is a gentle oil to use on your little ones toosh, and have qualities of Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, skin healing(burning bums) and moisturizing. Helps as a sleep aid, restlessness and insomnia for those long nights. Can also aid in digestive issues, cramps, abdominal pain and vomiting. Apply one drop at the bottom of your baby’s feet for Therapeutic effects. You can also apply one drop to the bath water at night time.
Warning- Do not ingest, do not use neat oil near face

Use the wipes for cleaing bums and hands. Keep away from eyes.
When used, place the wipes inside your wet bag, ready to be washed.
You can wash the Toosh Cloth Wipes at 30C. Do not wash with whites.

We have a premium kit option available.