Hemp Flats

Hemp Flats are just a square piece of fabric, which you can fold in numerous ways to achieve a perfect fit for your baby. It is then held in place by a Snappi®.
Different folds give you different layers in the wetzone and you will probably have to try a few folds to find the perfect fit, as each baby and their output needs are different.

Covers are worn over flats, to keep wetness from wicking through to baby’s clothes. You don’t need to change the cover with every nappy change, but certainly if they are damp or soiled. You are likely to use 2-3 covers during the day and it is advised to rotate them.

For newborn it is advised to have about 36 flats and 10-12 covers. For older babies, 24 flats and 6-8 covers are recommended.
You will need to change flats about every 2 to 2½hours. If you want a flat to last a bit longer, you can always add a booster between the nappy and cover.
a-Toosh-a-Licious flats comes in Small (50 x 50) and Large (70 x 70) squares, made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

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